1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler 429 Cobra Jet


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If you are looking at this 1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler, then you know how rare of a find this is. Only 1,631 of these cars were produced in 1970 to compete in NASCAR racing and you are looking at 1 of 865 that was born with a factory 429 Cobra Jet motor and a factory 4 speed transmission. In hand we have the ORIGINAL FORD FACTORY / DEALER INVOICE, not a reproduction. We also have Marti Report, window sticker and door tag (we can send pictures of all the paperwork if anyone is interested). This Spoiler came from the factory with quite a few options such as the higher ratio 3.50 traction lock rear end, console, power front disk brakes, power steering, AM radio, interval wipers, dual rear seat speakers and styled 14inch steel wheels. The original 429 Cobra Jet motor is no longer in the car but it has a period correct 429 in it now, everything else on the drive train is original. This is a 3 owner car and has been in a collection for the past 20 years. The Spoiler is done in its original factory color, Competition Blue and is 100% rust free and all metal. This is a beautiful car with NO rust NO blisters and NO issues. Again this is a metal car and NOT a bondo bucket. The paint has a few stone chips here and there but nothing major and you would be hard pressed to find more than a couple. Its a straight car with nice gaps, no waves down the side. The paint is laid flat with no orange peel and has a nice deep shine to it. Every thing on the car works as it should (blinkers, horn, headlights, tach and so on). The underneath is as clean as the body, rock solid and there is no hack patch jobs or rust issues. The engine bay is very sanitary and presents extremely well. The trunk is also very clean and is in excellent shape. The glass is all in great shape, windows go up and down smoothly. All the chrome and stainless is also in great shape. This car is an absolute beast. When you fire it up and drive it down the road, it sounds like Saturday night at the drags, it sounds MEAN! This car is a rocket ship, an absolute blast to drive. The engine is super healthy, fires right up, idles perfect, runs cool with great oil pressure. No smoke and no weird noises. AGAIN, SOUNDS AMAZING! The transmission has a great grabbing point and no slipping. This car is an absolute delight to drive! This Spoiler rides so incredible. This car goes down the road like its brand new, it just floats down the road. The interior is ALL ORIGINAL and is in excellent shape considering the year. The dash has some cracks, the upholstery has some wear but no major rips or discoloration. We chose to keep the interior as it is due to the rarity of the car and the fact that its only original once. The car has been gone through from front to back and needs nothing, it is 100% ready to go to a new home and enjoyed. This car runs and drives beautiful and again, its an absolute blast to drive. It floats down the road so nice. Super tight car, goes straight down the road, no rattles or shimmy’s and it will brake straight without pulling side to side. No vibrations just a crazy fast, powerful and extremely RARE car. Finding a 1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler 429 CJ car with factory 4 speed and original dealer invoicing is almost impossible and when they do come up for sale they are 50k+. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to add this car to your collection.


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