1955 Chevrolet Nomad Bel Air


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1955 Chevy Nomad Bel Air with a Chevy 350 and a manual 5 speed transmission. This Nomad is a factory born 8 cylinder car (VIN VC). If you know what you are looking at, you know how rare these are being one of only 6,000 produced in 1955. Out of those 6,000 produced not many are still around and surviving. This Nomad has had a recent professional restoration (last 5 years) and is laser straight and 100% rust free. This is a beautiful wagon with NO rust NO blisters and NO issues. This is a metal car and NOT a bondo bucket. Only 2 patches were made to the floor, the rest is original sheet metal. This Nomad doesn’t ride like your gramps old 55. It was built to be driven and enjoyed. It has power steering and power disk brakes that make this wagon stop on a dime. It also has tubular control arms, drop spindles and drop suspension that make this wagon feel like its on rails. It handles absolutely amazing and drives like a newer model car. There is not a single shimmy or wobble going down the road, it truly is a delight to drive. I wouldn’t hesitate to get in it and drive coast to coast. It also has a 4 core aluminum radiator with electric fans that keep it running nice and cool even on the hottest days sitting in traffic. Every thing works as it should (blinkers, headlights heater and so on) the only things that don’t is the emergency brake and the horn. Paint is in excellent shape, very vibrant and deep, laid nice and flat with no orange peel. The body is laser straight and the gaps are very nice. NO scratches and NO dings. There is a few paint blemishes, stone chips and such that have been touched up but nothing that takes away from how nice this car is. There is absolutely NO rust, rot or paint blisters on the car. The underneath is as clean as the body. Rock solid and there is no hack patch jobs or rust issues. The chrome and stainless is all in excellent shape. Some of the stainless trim is original to the Nomad and does show its age but it is all presentable. The engine bay is very sanitary and presents very well. The glass is all very nice, no scratches or hazing. This car is an absolute beast. When you fire it up and drive it down the road it sounds MEAN! It has a great exhaust tone to it with a nice grumble. The motor was completely rebuilt 2,000 miles ago and is super healthy, fires right up, idles perfect, runs cool with great oil pressure. It’s a 1971 motor out of a Corvette. No smoke and no weird noises. This motor produces some serious power and moves this wagon along VERY nicely. The 5 speed transmission has a newer clutch and pressure plate, great grabbing point and no slipping. It was completely rebuilt along with the motor and has about 2,000 miles on it. This Nomad is an absolute delight to drive! The interior is all custom and is gorgeous. The seats, door panels, carpet, headliner and console look and feel like they belong with the car. Super comfortable and make the driving experience that much more enjoyable. The drivers seat also has power! I would call the interior a 9.5 out of a 10. The Nomad has been gone through from front to back and needs nothing, it is 100% ready to go to a new home and enjoyed. This wagon runs and drives beautiful and again, its an absolute blast to drive. It floats down the road so nice. Great cruise night car or for winning trophies at your local car shows where you will most likely never see another Nomad. Super tight car, goes straight down the road, no rattles or shimmy’s and it will brake straight without pulling side to side. No vibrations just a crazy fun and fast, powerful Bel Air Nomad. The rear-end is very friendly and with the 5 speed gearbox you can hop on the turnpike and cruise at 70 MPH with ease. Tires and the wheels are new last year.


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